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Case Studies and Testimonials from some of my lovely Clients

Working on career steps can be really daunting and it is often deeply personal things we’re discussing.  So it makes me happy to know that lots of my clients describe me as being personable, warm and friendly.  I hope to create an environment where it feels more like a chat with a friend, than a formal scary careers session.  But my job isn’t to only chat. it’s to help move you on so you’re further ahead in your career plans than when we started.  Here are a few case study examples of how I’ve done that with some of my clients and some rave reviews from others.

Case Study (Graduate)

Melinda asked for my help having been working for a year since graduation in a job she just wasn’t interested in.  Completing the Emerging Talent Programme (the graduate level of the Talent Transformation Programme) meant she had all the knowledge of what she was looking for and how to go out there and get it.

Case Study (Professional)

Elizabeth came to me as she wanted to move on from her current job but lacked the confidence to really sell herself.  Through a number of guidance sessions we delved into why this was and helped her to identify her strengths and skills with tangible examples and then followed this up with a CV coaching session.  Prior to our working together, she’d been applying for jobs for over a year, gaining very few interviews and no job offers.  After only a few sessions with me, she contacted me with the happy news about a new job she’d just accepted!  Needless to say, I was thrilled for her and delighted to have played a part in her success.

Case Study (Careers Sector)

Natalie, founding director of Innervate Careers, was keen to support her team of associates with their CPD and ensure the quality assurance process, but managing a highly successful and busy business, meant she was stretched.  Through a series of Zoom meetings, I clarified what her real ‘pain points’ were and made suggestions of how to move forward positively.  I then helped her to implement them including writing a skills matrix to assess development needs, deliver CPD training days and support with a new induction process for trainees.  I’ve also been involved with observations to check standardised quality of careers sessions.  With this model, her previous recruitment challenges are over, as she’s able to recruit from a much broader talent pool, knowing a full development plan is in place.

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