“Caroline’s naturally calm and reassuring style encouraged me to have scary but honest conversations”

That sounds great Caroline, tell me more…

I’ve been working in this sector for 18 years and I love helping people with everything from blue sky thinking, to more practical guidance and support.  My experience means you won’t just get ‘off the peg’ things I’ve only just learned, we’ll tailor things to your needs.  Words like ‘calm’ and ‘friendly’ are used to describe me, so even when we’re talking about big scary plans, you can feel comfortable and have some fun along the way.

Developing talent. Developing careers.

Our flagship programme.

Want to develop and retain great talent but not sure how?  Maybe you’re that amazing talent but you’re just starting out in your career, or heading back after a break and are feeling anything but amazing.  Don’t just sign up to the latest shiny training course, not really knowing if it will help you or your employees.  With our flagship programme, we help you to work out where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there.

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Students in schools,

FE and HE

Figuring out and then getting into your dream career, can feel…overwhelming.  Getting your first ‘foot in the door’ when you have no experience; impossible.  Feeling like all your friends have it figured out when you don’t; demoralising.  But don’t panic, I can support you with a solid career plan to achieve great things.

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Graduates and

Young Professionals

My flagship programme provides a shortcut to success for young professionals and their organisations.  Covering topics including emotional intelligence, wellbeing and growth mindset, delegates leave able to achieve high levels of performance and thrive in their current organisation, whatever its size.

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You didn’t realise your career would be so hard.  Feeling like an imposter, tricky managers, redundancy or confusion over how to grow and develop your career.  Or struggling that the career that worked for 20 year old you, doesn’t now.  I can help you navigates all of these challenges.

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Helping Organisations

The pandemic has changed the way we work but what still remains true is that an organisation is only ever as good as its people.  But recruiting, retaining and training your talented employees or Associates, can feel easier said than done, especially when time and budgets are tight.

Like you, I run a small company with big ideas.  And the good news is this means I can work with you to create a tailored development programme that meets your requirements for cost, time and objectives and helps you achieve your big ideas.

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Not sure which of my options are going to suit you best?  Get in touch for a completely free 20 minute career review, where we can discuss what is the best way for us to work together so you can achieve career success.

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