“Caroline’s naturally calm and reassuring style encouraged me to have scary but honest conversations”

Niamh, London

That sounds great Caroline, tell me more…

I’ve been working in this sector for over 15 years and I love helping people with everything from blue sky thinking, to more practical guidance and support.  My experience means you won’t just get ‘off the peg’ things I’ve only just learned, we’ll tailor things to your needs.  Words like ‘calm’ and ‘friendly’ are used to describe me, so even when we’re talking about big scary plans, you can feel comfortable and have some fun along the way.

Talent Programmes

Struggling to make career decisions and want to move on from constant job hunting?  My flagship Talent Transformation (Professional) and Emerging Talent (Graduate) programmes will teach you how to work out, get into, and thrive in your dream career.


Marketing Yourself

Sell yourself to potential employers with a winning CV, having had a re-write from me or a CV coaching session where I teach you how.  Enhance your personal brand and online presence with LinkedIn support and ‘get employers chasing you’ masterclasses.


Career Kick-Start

Want to pick my brains over a specific aspect of your career?  Whether it’s blue-sky thinking or more practical ‘how to’ aspects of your career search, these 45 – 60 min career sessions will help.


Careers in Careers

If you’re dreaming of a career helping others, or wanting some CPD support now you’re in the careers sector, I can help.  I also advise careers organisations on training and quality assurance.


“Caroline is extremely friendly and easy to get on with, I really enjoyed my time with her”

Sophie, Surrey

How I help Organisations

An Organisation is only ever as strong as its people.  But recruiting, retaining and training your talented employees is easier said than done, especially when time and budgets are tight.  The pandemic has changed the way we work and I can support SMEs to navigate this, ensuring your staff have the right skills for now and the future.  Whether you’re looking for Outplacement, Line Manager or all staff development support, I have a solution for you.

How I Help

Not sure which of my options are going to suit you best?  Get in touch for a completely free 20 minute career review, where we can discuss what is the best way for us to work together so you can achieve career success.

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