Hello,  I'm Caroline Green.  Welcome to The Talent Cycle.

In today’s competitive job market, searching for and developing within a career, has never been more challenging. It’s easy to take the wrong career steps, so having someone you can trust to set you on the right path, is crucial.  Which is where I come in.

My own career plot twists 

Planning a career is hard, I hear you! Despite my 3 year old self dreaming of being a ballet dancer, by the time I left University it was clear I had no solid career plan.  Securing roles in career guidance and learning and development, I was so good at them that I ended up on the Management treadmill but soon found myself stuck and miserable (note to self: crying every day should never be part of a job description). 

Taking off the blinkers 

I could have blindly carried on with what I was ‘supposed’ to do.  Moving up the ladder was me getting success, right? Wrong.  Because for me, it wasn’t my definition of success.  Like many other Millennials (born roughly early ‘80s to mid ‘90s),  it had become apparent that I had a need for seeking meaning in my career, supporting others and making a difference.  I wanted to get back to what I was passionate about.  And so The Talent Cycle was born.


Who I help

I’ve been working as a registered careers practitioner in the wonderful sector of careers for over 15 years, and it is my passion and my playground.  I specialise in working with people who are ‘new’; perhaps you’re in the first few years after University looking to get a foot in the door or maybe you’re looking for a new career as what suited you in your 20s, no longer works for you later in life.  You’ve got an idea about where you want to head to, but don't seem to be able to get there.  Maybe your CV is not getting the responses you want or you're being pipped at the final post when it comes to interviews, and that's if you've even figured out how to job hunt in the first place. 

I provide careers advice for grown ups.  Which  means I’m not a fluffy coach, offering long programmes, I give guidance to help you get results fast.  But that doesn’t mean I’m hard or pushy, in fact words like ‘patient’, ‘friendly’ and ‘calm’ are often used to describe what I’m like to work with.  I take the role of your career and wellbeing needs very seriously, but I also like us to have some fun along the way as we move you from feeling unhappy and overwhelmed, to having a straight-forward clear plan for moving forward.

But it doesn't end there

I'm unusual (and proud!), that not only am I experienced and qualified in career coaching and career guidance, I am also a qualified Learning & Development professional.  This means I can support either you personally, or your employees, with the bit that comes after securing a new role.  Developing and thriving in it.


Next Steps

I was at my sister’s when I came out with the now legendary phrase ‘a nice cup of tea would be nice’.  A cuppa over a nice chat is one of my favourite things to do, especially when it involves my two passions in life; connecting with people and chatting about careers.  So please contact me for a chat about all things careers and working together, or visit my services and FAQs for more details about what I offer, and for more information on my qualifications and memberships, which show I'm a safe pair of hands.  Or take a look at my testimonials to see what some of my wonderful clients say about me.  And then let's get started...because you didn't come this far, to only come this far.

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