Imagine a world where you could recruit every time you wanted to.  Lots of applications, lots of successful interviews, no explaining to your Finance Manager why the sudden hike in agency fees and multiple recruitment campaigns.  That world DOES exist!  But you need to 'think outside the box' a bit.  And here is how...

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Even if we don't admit it out loud, let's be honest and say our ideal candidate is usually someone who ticks every box on the JD/person spec, they have the right qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience.  They've had the right career path, not too many and not too few jobs.  We feel confident they will arrive, excel at their job (just as long as they don't outshine us) and they'll be super happy to do this forever more.  We're not expecting the job to stretch them as that would worry us, but we're not going to question why they're doing such an 'easy' job for them or worry that they'll be leaving us soon for something that does.  Oh and we want them cheap  Very cheap.  We'd also really like them to show us how they'll be a wonderful fit for our culture, even though they don't know what it is as they don't yet work for us.  And above all else, they must be able to magically know everything, as frankly, we don't have time to train them (and we've never worked out how to use the phones or coffee machines ourselves anyway!).

Sound familiar?  Sorry to burst your bubble but that person DOES NOT EXIST!! So let's not get so hung up on knowledge (they'll learn what they need specific to this role on the job anyway) and we won't worry about staff turnover as we'll focus on finding someone who will learn and grow with us.  So that just leaves do we teach them and what if we think they're not the right culture fit for us? All of this can be taught so all you need to find is someone with the right attitude to learn, to grow and to change.  It is literally that simple.  Sounds a lot more 'do-able' right? 


No, you don't!  Even if you're lucky enough to have an L&D function, you're all still too busy with all the other demands of the role to worry about taking on school leavers and graduates or those returning to the workforce.  That's where I can help, as a specialist in workplace skills, I offer an external induction that focuses on the skills needed for the workplace so your new starter can get up and running in no time.  I use a blended approach so they won't be gone from their 'day job' for long periods and it involves lots of on the job practising and fact finding so you can start seeing the benefits straight away.  And there will be HUGE benefits as you can recruit these staff, developing them and planning for the succession of your business.  Doesn't that sound better than forever being on the recruitment treadmill?   

So saving you from having to run this programme internally SAVES YOU MONEY if you want to say:

NO to lost work time for your HR/L&D team

NO to re-recruitment/agency fees for failed recruitment campaigns or worse still, failed probations 

YES to new starters working with greater efficiency much faster 

YES to a cheaper workforce - recruiting at a lower rate and 'growing' them with the business 

YES to teams working harmoniously and efficiently with great productivity and even greater retention rates 

Surely that's worth the initial small investment now? 

Discussing the Numbers


There are three areas I cover, with modules in each, developing workplace skills.  They involve some classroom based training and some online, which is also one of the areas that the cohort Tribe gets to share ideas, best practice and sometimes be a sympathetic shoulder to lean on.  I also offer additional one-to-one guidance sessions for those requiring further support.

The three areas covered are:

Your job and you - culture, what your JD means and what it's not telling you, how it's going in the early days and the challenges you're facing.

Understanding yourself, others and the team - MBTI profiling, emotional intelligence, types of teams and how they work and putting your ideas forward in a constructive way.  Responding to feedback and communicating effectively. 

Developing skills, for now and for the future - time management and prioritising, complex problem solving and decision making and what 'development' means; for you and your business. 

Throughout the programme I will observe, review and test for engagement and understanding, which will be shared with the business.  This can be used to show ROI and help with the probation process.

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The programme takes approximately 3 months to complete, which fits in very nicely with probation periods.  Delegates can, in theory, join at any time so it can fit in with your schedule.  It is aimed at being a resource for small to medium sized organisations who don't have enough staff to run huge graduate programmes but if you want a bespoke programme for a large group to be held at your own offices then I can absolutely help you with that too.

Additional guidance sessions may go beyond the programme if you wish and a key part of the programme itself is about teaching the need for teamwork.  This can be further emphasised and the new starter fully integrated into your team by running an additional team building activity for the whole team, bespoke to your requirements.   

I offer discounts and payment options if you're an individual booking onto the course (a great way to make yourself more employable to have this on your CV and we'll just 'tweak' some of your homework to make this achievable).  I also offer discounts for charities and the public sector.  But even if none of those apply to you then don't panic; the programme is a very affordable investment for any organisation! 

Or if all of this sounds great but you just want to dip your toe in the water, I do from time to time offer 'taster sessions' which are a one day event picking out some of the key learning points from the programme.  These are priced at just £500 per delegate.  

To find out more, please don't hesitate to contact me.  Hard sales is just not my thing so I'd be more than happy to answer any queries you have and then leave you to decide if it's the right thing for you.