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The Talent Transformation Programme

For many SME organisations, being able to secure, develop and retain talented individuals can be a real challenge.  You're unlikely to be a destination employer and you don't have the resource to afford expensive training programmes.  And you probably don't need that anyway, you need affordable fast paced solutions to your challenges.  With an awareness that difficult line managers and a lack of development are the two most commonly given reasons for leaving an organisation, you can't afford to be worrying about another recruitment drive and a need solution fast. 


And that is where my flagship Talent Transformation Programme comes in.  This programme can be adapted to each individual's needs and focus on either career development or as an outplacement programme if you have exiting members of staff.

Define talent ambitions

  • Check what you're thinking/your reasoning 

  • Learning from your story so far (study/career)

  • Values

  • Skills/strengths you have now - confidence 

  • Job research for clarity 


Market talent

  • Define and sell your personal brand

  • Using LinkedIn to establish your brand

  • Job hunting 

  • CV/Cover Letter 

  • Interviews 

  • OR internal personal marketing plan 

  • Looking for internal promotions


Develop talent

  • Understanding what is/isn't in your JD

  • Organisational culture

  • Working with a team and your line manager

  • Designing a CPD plan (including succession planning)

This programme can be purchased as a whole programme or as individual steps.  Get in touch to find out more about how it could work for your business (as well as how it can be bespoke tailored for your organisation).  

“I’ve been working with Caroline as I’ve stepped into a senior management role for the first time. I’ve found this to be a real step change and with a broader and more strategic portfolio of work. Caroline has helped me to challenge myself to think in a different way and develop strategies to gain confidence in my new role. I’ve come away from my sessions with Caroline with a renewed sense of motivation and clarity on how I can move forward. I’ve noticed in the past few weeks that I’ve been actively using some of the approaches we identified in the session and I am seeing a difference. I’m really grateful to Caroline for helping me to navigate this period of change and looking forward to my next session!”


Hannah, Manager (Reading)


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"Working through my MBTI profile with Caroline meant that it moved from simply being a ‘label’ to being something that helped me to understand my working style and preferences. This greater depth of understanding is interesting and handy to apply in day-to-day situations, not just as personal development. Caroline is personable and made the whole process a pleasant experience, as well as a useful one."


Sarah, Owner (Browning York Ltd)


Many organisations will promote technical experts, assuming they will also be great people managers.  This doesn’t always follow, due to the different skillset or lack of experience and this runs the risk of damage to employee morale, productivity and burn out of the manager themselves. 


I support new and aspiring managers, as well as those who just need a ‘refresh’, taking you from concerned about employee morale and retention, to building strong productive teams being led by great managers.  Unlike a lot of management and leadership programmes which focus on developing senior managers, I take a 'grass roots' approach and have a package to specifically support employees who are either within their first few years of being a manager, or they are aspiring to become one and you would like to help get them ready for that role.  In this package, I cover a number of the common challenges new managers face whilst delivering a tailored solution to meet the needs of those managers.  I sometimes offer 'public' courses and can also work directly with you for an 'in-house' programme, just get in touch to find out more.

I am also a MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) practitioner and a Thomas International registered practitioner for PPA (DISC theory psychometric profiling) and TEIQ (Emotional Intelligence), so can use these tools in encouraging the voyage of self-discovery and mutual understanding, amongst your employees.

"Caroline was heavily involved with, and delivered our team away day; establishing the day met the needs of all attending and ensuring the key messages were delivered, heard and remembered. The work Caroline put in was immense and that time was reflected in the comments from colleagues afterwards.''


Claire, Head of Service (Red Kite Group)


But of course it's not always just with individuals where the challenges lie, often it is about how a group of people fit together as a team.  And whether that works. Or it doesn't.  So I work with oraganisations to design solutions to make things work for their teams.  Whether that is team building days, coaching for individuals or groups or all of the options! 

"Caroline is an innovative person with a great ability to see the big picture. She has really impressed us at The Tess Group with her diligence, intelligence and her strong networking skills. We are delighted to work with her, where she has shown strong sales and negotiation skills with the types of customers she has connected us with. I’d strongly recommend Caroline and hope that in the near future we can find a way to work even closer in the future.''

Rodd, Managing Director (The Tess Group)


And some feedback on my own management style, from a member of my team before I set up The Talent Cycle:

"Caroline was a breath of fresh air. Her wealth of knowledge and experience in all areas of organisational development meant the team could make a positive impact quickly under her direction. I was impressed with her professionalism and as a manager, one of the best. I felt involved, supported and listened to."


Karen, WBC, Wokingham.


Whichever package you choose, I will be delighted to support you.  I am very happy to have an initial free of charge call to explore your requirements, and discuss which package would give you the biggest return on investment, for your personal circumstances.

So what are you waiting for?  Let's take the hassle off your hands whilst developing your staff and boosting employee morale and engagement.