Training on a variety of ‘soft’ skills including the Talent Transformation programme for new hires, team building and leadership and management training, as well as Outplacement services. 


For any organisation, the often most challenging but one of the most crucial parts, is their people.  Talent.  Managing it, developing it, producing a future pipeline for it and making sure all the talented individuals also know how to operate most effectively as a team.  But managing that process can be a lot easier said than done and as we know, many employees will leave organisations due to a lack of investment in their development.



I offer a range of solutions from one to one coaching through to group training and team building days, to ensure that all your people are harnessing their talent, through ‘soft’ skills development and working as 'one'.  This will take you from really having an under-utilised workforce to a high performing team, improving employee morale and retention, customer satisfaction and sales. 


I am also a MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) practitioner and a Thomas International registered practitioner for PPA (DISC theory psychometric profiling) and TEIQ (Emotional Intelligence), so can use these tools in encouraging the voyage of

self-discovery and mutual understanding, amongst your employees.

And to find out more about what the investment and steps you need to take next are, please take a look at my menu of options.

"Working through my MBTI profile with Caroline meant that it moved from simply being a ‘label’ to being something that helped me to understand my working style and preferences. This greater depth of understanding is interesting and handy to apply in day-to-day situations, not just as personal development. Caroline is personable and made the whole process a pleasant experience, as well as a useful one."


Sarah, Browning York Ltd, Berkshire.

"Caroline was heavily involved with, and delivered our team away day; establishing the day met the needs of all attending and ensuring the key messages were delivered, heard and remembered. The work Caroline put in was immense and that time was reflected in the comments from colleagues afterwards."


Claire, Red Kite Group, High Wycombe.

“I’ve been working with Caroline as I’ve stepped into a senior management role for the first time. I’ve found this to be a real step change and with a broader and more strategic portfolio of work. Caroline has helped me to challenge myself to think in a different way and develop strategies to gain confidence in my new role. I’ve come away from my sessions with Caroline with a renewed sense of motivation and clarity on how I can move forward. I’ve noticed in the past few weeks that I’ve been actively using some of the approaches we identified in the session and I am seeing a difference. I’m really grateful to Caroline for helping me to navigate this period of change and looking forward to my next session!”


Hannah, Manager, Berkshire.


Many organisations will promote technical experts, assuming they will also be great people managers.  This doesn’t always follow, due to the different skillset or lack of experience and this runs the risk of damage to employee morale, productivity and burn out of the manager themselves. 


I support new and aspiring managers, as well as those who just need a ‘refresh’, taking you from concerned about employee morale and retention, to building strong productive teams being led by great managers.   I help those managers through a range of training sessions, both online or in person, ranging from developing skills in managing performance, to building motivation and wellbeing.  I also deliver one to one guidance and coaching sessions, using a variety of tools to help their self-awareness, on areas such as emotional intelligence and resilience.   

And to find out more about what the investment and steps you need to take next are, please take a look at my menu of options.


You might be receiving a lot of applications for the roles you’re trying to fill right now, but that doesn’t make them good ones.  With a rising concern over unfilled roles, meaning output is down and pressure is on others to take up the slack, you’re aware you could have a skills crisis on your hands before too long.  If you’re an external recruiter you’re worried about keeping your business clients happy and making that sale.



You are probably turning down some applicants who could be great but you just don’t have the time to make them that way.  That’s where I come in, with a small investment which will yield a huge return, you can outsource the employability induction of that person.  With the Talent Transformation Programme, I support individuals new or returning to the workplace, to learn about:

  • Completing and using a personal SWOT analysis

  • Understanding JDs and company culture (and why you need to fit into both)

  • Being the best you - personal brand, confidence, complex thinking and problem solving

  • Teamwork and collaboration in a multi-generational workforce

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Communication with colleagues and customers, giving and receiving feedback

  • Managing time and building resilience

  • Making decisions in an organisational context, accountability

  • Learning and development, CPD


Through this I will help you achieve a workforce with the knowledge and skills to do their jobs well and to produce a talent pipeline for the future, where recruitment problems are a thing of the past.  You’ll transition from concerned and stretched by lack of suitable talent and the resulting retention issues, to successfully recruiting and developing great employees.

I also support with the other end of employee life cycle, if your organisation is going through redundancy programmes (see the 'Career Crisis' page for more information on my Outplacement services).

And to find out more about what the investment and steps you need to take next are, please take a look at my menu of options.



Click here to find out more about the time and financial investment for my services.

"Caroline is an innovative person with a great ability to see the big picture. She has really impressed us at The Tess Group with her diligence, intelligence and her strong networking skills. I’d strongly recommend Caroline and hope that in the near future we can find a way to work even closer in the future"


Rod, Managing Director, The Tess Group, Northampton.

"A dedicated and enthusiastic professional who throws her heart and soul into everything she undertakes. Her warm manner inspires confidence in those she's looking to influence, and enables her to draw out the detail and realise complex projects that drive through change"


Rob, TRL, Crowthorne.

"Caroline was a breath of fresh air. Her wealth of knowledge and experience in all areas of organisational development meant the team could make a positive impact quickly under her direction. I was impressed with her professionalism and as a manager, one of the best. I felt involved, supported and listened too."


Karen, WBC, Wokingham.

And some feedback on my own management style, from a member of my team before I set up The Talent Cycle:



If you like what you’ve read so far, please do take a look at my menu of options and if you want to discuss further, then please do drop me an email at: askthetlaentcycle@outlook.com and I will then organise a Zoom call (or phonecall if you would prefer), to answer any questions you have.  If you want to go ahead, we’ll then get things booked in and you can sit back and relax whilst I take all the training and development strain off of you. 

It’s really that simple!


I have spent many years working in Learning and Organisational development, often sitting withing busy HR teams and lost count many moons ago, of the number of training sessions I have designed and delivered.  As well as my practical experience, I have various professional memberships, qualifications and accolades including:

  • Diplomas in Career Guidance and Development, as well as Career Coaching

  • ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) certificate in Coaching (pending)

  • Diploma in Learning and Development from the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development)

  • Psychometric profiling practitioner for Myers Briggs (MBTI) and Thomas International PPA (DISC theory) and TEIQ (Trait Emotional Intelligence Indicator)

  • Associate member of CIPD, member and on professional register of the CDI (Career Development Institute) and student member of the ILM

  • I have a full DBS check (children and adults) and signed up to the online checking service

  • I follow the EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council) competency framework and GCMA Global Code of Ethics in Coaching and Mentoring.

And most importantly, I understand how demanding employees can be over their development and how crucial it is to manage expectations vs employee morale and budgets, so we can co-design a solution that best works for you, rather than just 'off the shelf' solutions you might find with large training organisations.

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