Organisational development is, surprisingly, like river management.  Imagine you’re building a new river.  First you need a strategy, a plan for where your river is going, how it will get there and how you’ll know if it’s going off course.  This is the same as writing an organisational development strategy, where you map the skills you have and design a plan for plugging any holes you have and a plan for the future, as the picture changes.

The source of the river is the start of your talent pipeline.  This is needed to keep a constant flow of talent passing through your organisation.  The most effective way to do that is to connect with education so you can bring in school and college leavers, as well as graduates, at the start of their own talent cycle. 

Steams coming into the river are new talent and you want to make sure the water will flow with the rest, so induction and onboarding is crucial.  You also want to make sure you’re continually developing this talent through training and development interventions as well as encouraging new streams, such as those returning to work or emerging talent, to keep your river as filled and strong as it can be.  In order to do this, you also need to make sure your river is healthy and happy, and an employee engagement strategy does just that. 

And sometimes it takes an ‘outsider’ with specialist ‘river building’ skills and a fresh pair of eyes, to check you’re not trying to build your river uphill…

That won’t work. 

You can’t swim upstream. 

You’re not a salmon.

Let me help.