Have you ever dealt with the aftermath of a plane crash?  No, me neither, and yet somehow, over a decade ago I was running around a dark and cold wood in Berkshire, listening to others fight over whether or not we should carry our 'casualty' back to base.  If there is one thing I cannot STAND it is pointless team 'building' days where you are put in an unreal situation, or have to build a raft, or some other daft activity that just gets on everyone's nerves and teaches nothing.  If that's you're bag then hey, we're all different so I wish you well as you look for another training provider.  For me, I like to run training sessions that foster relationships, harness the skills of the team and gives them time away from the hectic 'day to day' to plan and prioritise, learning about how they all fit together to make that happen.  It's about making plans and breaking down silos.  It's about understanding ourselves and others (sometimes by using my skills as an MBTI and DISC theory psychometric profiling practitioner, and sometimes just using good old fashioned common sense).  

Sometimes teams need this because they are newly formed in their entirety, sometimes because hey have a new member (it's why it forms part of my induction programme), sometimes because there has been a breakdown somewhere (often in communication and understanding) and sometimes simply because it's just best practise and a good thing to do.  Investing in your team means they will feel supported, encouraged and more loyal to the team, whilst boosting the team morale will also build productivity and performance. 


You might feel like you can organise a team build yourself, and maybe you can in theory, but an 'outsider' as the trainer is always a good idea for this situation.  And you can all head off down the pub for some bonding after...mine's a G&T please!


Team building isn't the only training I do, so if there are other training requirements you have then please do get in touch.  I cover topics such as leadership and management, training the trainer, training early and emerging talent as well as those returning to work, customer service, communicating with others and emotional intelligence, feedback and appraisal skills, organisational development design, employee engagement and wellbeing.

Whichever of the options you choose, you can guarantee that the investment you see now, will have a huge return in the future.  And I will help you evaluate and measure that, as part of the service I provide.