Students in schools,

FE and HE

Figuring out and then getting into your dream career, can feel…overwhelming.  Getting your first ‘foot in the door’ when you have no experience; impossible.  Feeling like all your friends have it figured out when you don’t; demoralising.  But don’t panic, I can support you with a solid career plan to achieve great things.

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Graduates and

Young Professionals

My flagship programme provides a shortcut to success for young professionals and their organisations.  Covering topics including emotional intelligence, wellbeing and growth mindset, delegates leave able to achieve high levels of performance and thrive in their current organisation, whatever its size.

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You didn’t realise your career would be so hard.  Feeling like an imposter, tricky managers, redundancy or confusion over how to grow and develop your career.  Or struggling that the career that worked for 20 year old you, doesn’t now.  I can help you navigates all of these challenges.

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