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Developing the Careers Sector

If you’re looking to reach out to careers professionals, or the clients they serve, we can help.  The work they do is vital not only to their clients but the whole of society, helping break down socio-economic barriers and improve wellbeing.

We can connect you with Careers Professionals and their clients, helping you to become a trusted brand, achieve your commercial goals, and work within the careers community.

What we do

Independent website focused on the careers talent pipeline
Collaborate with organisations and signpost to their work not reinvent the wheel
Provide new initiatives to encourage a new pipeline into the sector
Map the talent cycle from induction, growth and community to legacy

Benefits of Working with Us

We strongly believe in working collaboratively with other organisations building strong lasting partnerships which are mutually beneficial.  Benefits of working with us could include:

  • Sharing your brand in our marketing – from social media to national media, increasing your reach and customers or members
  • Advertising your brand to new and incoming careers professionals, building and supporting you as a trusted brand
  • Accessing a new client database (GDPR dependent)
  • Working on projects together – we’ll be an extra pair of hands and a fresh pair of eyes; together we can achieve your goals in exciting new ways
  • Help you to achieve Community and CSR objectives and give your staff development opportunities
  • Including you in innovative events like #CareersFest which had 250 delegates and thousands of social media engagement in its first year alone
  • Sharing your information and resources at #CareersFest and being a speaker to ensure your messages are heard and understood
  • Being part of a fun celebratory event which gets great engagement across the sector; be seen as a thought leader and innovator in this space
  • No red tape, we’re just a small very flexible organisation who want to provide support for the careers sector and those wishing to partner with it

If you want to see some of our previous work, check out last year’s Careers in Careers Festival 2023.

See Careers Festival 2023

Check out our new dedicated website coming soon, where you’ll be able to find out more about careers in careers, and book tickets for #CareersFest2024

Check out the website

Why we can help

Our Founder, Caroline Green, is an RCDP with nearly 20 years’ experience in the sector and has a strong following on social media and through her work appearing in national media, as well as completing various speaking opportunities.  Her ethos is to bring some lively energy to the sector and this has helped The Talent Cycle become liked, known, and trusted, in the careers community.

Ways we can help

SALE!  Sign up before the 10th June 2024 and enjoy a 10% discount on all sponsorship fees (T&Cs apply).

Key Partner

Whether you’re looking for someone to partner with on CSR activities or you’re working in the careers sector, we can help.  We have many projects in mind, including producing resources to help the sector sell itself and designing a map of all the roles in the sector.  We’re also very open to other project ideas you may have and with this sponsorship tier, you’ll also be a Key Sponsor for the next #CareersFest.

Investment: £5,000 pa (reduced for smaller organisations, charities, Education and previous sponsors)

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Festival Sponsor

If you want to support the party of the year then this event is for you!  Help us run the annual #CareersFest, reaching out to many careers professionals about the ‘hot topics’ of the world of work and careers.  Sponsorship will help us put on such a celebrated event and will give you the opportunity to reach out to the sector through potential speaking and resource sharing.

Investment: £1,500 (discounts for small organisations, charities, Education and previous sponsors)

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Festival Award Sponsorship

If you are an SME with up to 10 employees and a turnover of less than £100K (or you’re a small charity), but still want to get involved in this amazing event then why not sponsor one of the 5 awards which are given out at the event.  Your name and logo will be included in the advertising and on the certificate which accompanies the glass award, meaning great exposure without a huge sponsorship fee.

Investment: £175 per award

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Advertising on the site

If you don’t want to get involved in the details but simply want to advertise to the careers community on a site which will gain lots of traffic, this is the option for you.

Investment: £800 pa (discounts for small organisations, charities, Education and previous sponsors)

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Career Map

We are very keen to put together a career path framework right across the sector, showing the different jobs, levels, qualifications and skills involved with each role.  This will help careers professionals, or those looking to come into it, work their way around it.  Some of this exists in pockets, but not a full map.

Sponsorship is £300 per sponsor and we’re also looking for volunteers to provide information to go into it.

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Support in kind

If you’d love to get involved in our work but don’t see a sponsorship option which meets your needs or budget, then please get in touch, we’re very happy to discuss ideas.  Or if you don’t have any budget right now, that’s ok.  Do you have something else which could help us instead?  Anything from some free resources, to a venue we could use if we move the event to hybrid in the future or can help us with the technology side of things.  Or are able to help us share the message, introduce us to potential sponsors or decision makers at national level, then we’d love to hear from you.

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What now?

Our Founder, Caroline Green, likes nothing more than connecting with people and chatting about careers.  If you’d like to chat with her about how you and your organisation can support the work of The Talent Cycle and Careers in Careers, get in touch now.

Speak to our Founder