This is my flagship programme, for people who want to move on in their careers, where we’ll work together to help you build confidence and clarity.  Whether you’re just starting out in your career, looking to make changes or going through enforced change through things like redundancy.

And it can be tailored to specific organisational requirements if you’re looking to focus on the development of staff or to support with outplacement.

There are three steps to this programme, which can be purchased as a whole programme to get the most benefit (or individual steps if you would prefer*).  The three steps are tweaked slightly depending on whether you pick the graduate, professional or organisation version of the programme.

For graduates we bring in what you can learn from your studies and how to make the most of your experience and for professionals we look at lessons from your career so far.  If you’re an organisation looking to book the programme for staff, we will discuss whether you would like it to be focused on development and internal promotions, or job seeking for those on an outplacement programme.

Each step begins with lots of useful information, resources and activities delivered via e-Learning and then ends with a career coaching session with me, to tailor all that you have learned so far to your specific needs.

Step 1 – Defining your talent ambitions

Too often I work with people who want to jump to ‘what’s my next job title?’.  They get frustrated as they can’t work out what that ‘should’ be or how to find it.  So in this stage of the programme, we take a step back to look at what sits beneath some of the decision making process.  So we focus on how you can:

  • Clarify your career goals
  • Learn from study and career story so far
  • Make value driven career choices
  • Learn about skills and strengths
  • Job search for further ideas and clarity

Step 2 – Promoting your talent

Now we get practical.  We look at all the amazing things about you and how you make sure that potential employers can find out all about that amazingness, including:

  • Your personal brand – how to define, market, establish
  • Design a personal marketing plan for job success
  • Understanding how to job hunt externally or find internal promotions
  • Selling your brand internally or externally (networking, CVs, cover letters and interviews)

Step 3 – Developing your talent

Now we get to the bit that will set you apart from others and really help you thrive in your career.  In this step we look at what it actually takes to thrive in the workplace and if you’re new to it, look at how it differs from the world of academia.  Then we look at your own personal development requirements to help you thrive not just in this role, but whatever comes next.  So we look at:

  • Understanding organisation and job requirements
  • Mapping your skills, knowledge and experience against those – for the role now and what future role(s) might look like
  • Designing a robust CPD (continuing professional development) plan


* The Emerging Talent Programme must be purchased as one programme. 

Individual steps not available. 


Whole programme £500

Or £200 per individual module



Get in touch to discuss whether your organisation needs outplacement or development for internal staff and how we can tailor the programme to your needs.


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