Have you ever wondered why there are so many career coaches and guidance professionals out there? It’s because navigating your career is hard. There are many ‘bumps in the road’ and challenges along the way, some of which you anticipated, and others much more unexpected. Here is my selection of some great TED talks which will help provide you with some advice, based on some of the key/common challenges I regularly support my clients with.


1. But what DO I want to do?


Many of my clients come to me because they know their current career isn’t working for them…but they don’t know where that dream career lies. In this talk, Scott talks about his path to finding the career he loves and how you can find your own path.


2. Returning to work after a career break


Whether you have been on maternity/paternity leave, furlough or out of work due to redundancy or any other reason, coming back to work after a break can be hard. Will your skills still be there? Has the working world changed? Can you remember all that knowledge you had from before? Let this video inspire you about how, many employers, are valuing the strengths or those return-to-workers.


3. Specialising isn’t so special


I work a lot with students in schools and university, who, probably thanks to our education system, seem to think that in Year 8 or 9 they have to decide the plan for their whole life. They don’t. This leads to the professionals I work with who are now looking to change careers and not quite sure how to make themselves ‘transferable’. This talk explores why specialising isn’t so special and being a generalist in your career can be a good thing.


4. Career change


In this tough market, many of my clients are wondering if now is the right time for a career change. This talk explores some of the reasons why career change might be a good thing and how to prepare for it.


5. Moving to the top


Are you a female (or even male) middle manager, frustrated by your career development? Show your leadership skills at all levels, focusing on organisational strategy with this great TED talk showing you how.