During the height of the pandemic, many of us took a moment to reflect.  For some, it was a case of reassessing what success looked like in the ‘here and now’, possibly just focused on simply surviving another day locked up, bored at home without friends or juggling home schooling with work.  For others, it was redefining longer term goals and what really mattered to them in their career.

A year later, a more ‘normal’ year, for many life has slipped back into the usual hum-drum or busy days and exhausted nights.  It’s very easy to be so focused on our ‘to do’ list that we forget about our ‘done’ list.  And when we don’t take a moment to define what success really means to us, how do we know if we’ve had a successful year?

Step 1: Define what success means to you

Since setting up my business I cannot tell you the number of sales calls I get from so called ‘professionals’ offering to help me upscale my business, to earn six-figures a year, month, day! And other ridiculous claims.  Not only is it insulting, it makes an assumption that I want to earn that kind of figure.  Whilst I need to pay my mortgage, success to me is not about the money I make, it’s about the people I help.  It’s about being an expert in my field and making a difference to the clients I work with.

What are your success priorities?  Is it about money, family life balance, variety and spontaneity or reward and recognition?

Step 2: How are you going to get there?

Now you’ve got your dream career, dream life, in mind, now work out how are you going to get there.  This could start by assessing where you actually are now, taking time to reflect you may realise you’re closer than you think.  Now you know where you are, it’s time to set yourself some realistic targets and a plan for how you are going to get there.  I talk to so many clients about often big dreams don’t take one huge leap, they take small manageable stepping stones to get there.  Maybe a new career requires a new qualification, so perhaps success for 2023 looks less like starting a new job, and more like starting a qualification that will help you get there.

Step 3: Keep focused

It is really easy to get distracted, to come up with shiny new plans or listen to the voice of others who define what success is.  But it’s their version of success, not yours.  If you’re questioning your success then go back to step 1, perhaps even do some more activities to achieve better self-awareness including working with a coach.  They can also help you further define who you are, what success is to you and how you stay focused.