So it’s a whole two years since I began the amazing, sometimes challenging, sometimes exhilarating, journey of founding my business, The Talent Cycle.

Many of my clients often contemplate becoming self-employed, or even those looking for another role can learn a lot from the knowledge of us freelancers.  So whether you’re going through a redundancy situation, looking to change career or have dreams of becoming the next Steve Jobbs, here are some top tips to help you on your way.

  1. Nobody is you and that’s your superpower

I talk to my clients a lot about imposter syndrome.  That feeling that we’re not good enough, or we’re in the wrong place.  Someone will eventually find us out, right? Wrong.  You’re amazing, you need to start believing that.  Self-belief is key when you’re either job hunting or selling your business.  It’s very easy to get distracted by ‘compartinitus’ but stay in your own lane and focus on your own knowledge, experience and skills.  Your very own blend of these are what makes you unique and why you’re not the same as the person next to you….and that’s a great thing.

But not sure what those things are?  Working with a coach can help you with this and not just in a ‘blue sky thinking’ way but in more practical terms too.  A lot of the CV coaching I do with clients also really helps them to identify their own brand of amazingness.

  1. Know thy voice – personal branding and selling yourself

Linked to this is knowing your voice.  Who you are and what you stand for, being comfortable in your own skin and selling that voice to others.  Knowing your values and motivators will help with this and keep you going on the dark days where you wonder if you’ll ever get another client and the even darker days where you wonder if you’ll ever have time to support all the clients you have.

Your voice is part of your brand, it’s what people are buying as much as the products or services you offer or the experience you’re selling to an employer.  In my recent ‘get employers chasing you’ masterclass, I talk about this in more detail and explained about the concept of becoming liked, known and trusted.  Humans want to do business with humans, even in this digital world we find ourselves in.

  1. Expect the unexpected

And no I’m not just talking about the pandemic.  You never know where a chance conversation or a discussion on someone’s latest LinkedIn update can lead.  Make yourself known and heard, always.

But don’t let this cripple you with fear over whether to take something on or not.  Sometimes my clients worry that if they say ‘yes’ to this role, then they’ll be saying ‘no’ to this role, or this other opportunity.  The reality is that what is meant for you, will find you and as one door closes, another opens.  Decide how you make a decision, whether you’re a ‘gut feel’ person or a data and analysis kinda gal, then use that to inform your decision and go with it.

  1. Say yes and then learn how to do it – your skills are more transferable than you think

Richard Branson is famous for this quote and I have to be honest, it’s one I’ve lived by for a long time.  For me this isn’t about taking on things I can’t do or handle, it’s really about confidence.  As a newly self-employed person, you’ll have lots of firsts.  From the first person someone asks you your day rate, to the very first (and very exciting) first invoice you send off.  Let your confidence shine through, even when you’re not quite feeling it.

  1. Appreciate your network

They may be future clients, the may refer people your way or they may just support you and bring you up on the tough days and celebrate with you on the fun ones.  And whether you’re self-employed or looking for employment, it’s well known that networks are crucial (85% of roles are secured through networking).

But as well as asking of them, it’s also important to give as well.  So whether that’s passing on your own referrals or giving great feedback and testimonials, supporting each other is of benefit to everyone.

And so is saying thank you.  So as a special thank you to my many contacts here who have supported me throughout, I’m offering a 10% discount this week to anyone who signs up to my Talent Transformation Programme (all three steps).  This programme is designed to help you work out, get into and thrive in your dream career.   It is full of confidence boosting tips, from how to build that self-belief to how to write a winning CV which shows how amazing you truly are.

See here for mote information/to sign up or contact me directly if you’d like to discuss further:

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