Carrying on from yesterday, as part of celebrating National Careers Week, #NCW2020, I am finishing off my week of blog posts about some of the key people and events who have inspired my own career journey. Hopefully this will guide and inspire young people looking to start out in their career journeys and qualified professionals looking to make changes to theirs.


As #NCW2020 draws to a close, it’s been another fantastic week of inspirational careers guidance for all. In 20 years from now, when the young people of this week celebrate #NCW2040, I have no doubt that when they talk of who and what inspired them, they’ll mention some of the people and activities from #NCW2020. It’s this amazing Careers Family which inspires my own career every day, to be a better careers adviser, career coach and Learning and Development professional. To have the best conversations I can, whether it’s one to one or in a training room, to give people the tools to take their own careers forward, with the information and guidance on how to make that happen.


And of course, let’s be honest, we can’t talk about #NCW without a mention of Nick Newman, CEO and founder of National Careers Week ( He took a group of moaners and haters about the system, of those of us working blooming hard and achieving great results but nobody knowing, of movers and shakers in the industry and those with influence, and pulled us all together to achieve the amazing thing that is National Careers Week. Even aside from my love of all things careers, it makes me emotional to think about what a group of people can achieve. But without his passion, enthusiasm and drive, coupled with a love of the sector, NCW may have just been a thing of dreams rather than reality. It’s something we can learn from, whatever sector we find our career in and reminds me of a video I’ve shared in Leadership training before. It only takes one person to start a movement…


(p.s I feel like this video could be the Careers Family #NCW wrap party don’t you?! Enjoy the celebrations!).


If you are a young person, parent, school or careers adviser looking for some further support around inspirational careers guidance, please do get in touch!