It’s fair to say it’s been ‘a bit of a week’. From juggling client changes, to bursting with management training ideas but not having enough time to do it all, to just generally feeling a bit ‘mmweh’, to looking at empty spaces where soap should be (don’t even get me started on that one). It has been tough.


BUT I am ending the week on a high as I’ve been asked to do a talk about career planning in the later years. As we’re in the midst of a reminder of how precious life is, it is good to think about if your career is giving you the real ‘value’ it needs to.


I’ll be providing advice to professionals who are looking to prepare for #retirement by planning the final stages of their careers and then looking at what to do beyond. As part of my research I have been watching an interesting #LinkedInLearning video about the 6 main approaches people take to this.


These 6 approaches fall into the categories of:

1) Build and sell a company – high risk, long hours, high reward (hopefully!)

2) Retire early – push forward, earn big and leave early, but then what?

3) Climb the corporate ladder

4) Run a lifestyle business – earn enough and do what you enjoy

5) Find a job you love/believe in – often lower pay but happy to do for longer

6) Pay the bills – and nothing more. Lifestyle balance where the focus is on what happens outside of work.


Which strategy do you have? How can you accelerate your strategy? For more tips on this, check out my video here: